Is Traditional Underwriting Dead?

Is Traditional Underwriting Dead? ☠

Traditional underwriting simply doesn’t work in a multivariable environment. There are too many variables at play, and sticking to outdated methods leaves money on the table.

In our latest clip, we analyze real deals using FICO scores and time in business. Here’s what we found:
❌ Default Deals
⚖️ Break-even Deals
✅ Above Break-even Deals

Even when selecting deals with FICO scores above 600 and a certain time in business, you still encounter defaults. Worse, you miss out on many promising leads with lower scores.

This traditional method fails because it doesn’t account for the complexity of the market. You’re leaving valuable opportunities untapped and still facing high default rates.

That’s where data science and analytics come in:
📊 Advanced insights reveal hidden patterns
🔍 Comprehensive analysis leads to smarter decisions
🚀 Data-driven strategies enhance your investment performance

Don’t let ineffective methods hold you back. Watch our clip and see how NISO transforms underwriting with cutting-edge analytics.

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