Financials that Make Sense

We facilitate decision Making, We process, present and disseminate information with the best-in-class tools available

Our Solutions

Merchant Cash Advance Industry

We provide Backend Financials solutions ranging from Portfolio tracking to Scoring Models, from Bookkeeping to Controller support. Each of those activities ensures and drives profitable MCA Growth. Fund your Deals, we provide the analytics and the information to drive success.

Outsourced CFO

Value Proposition: Way beyond bookkeeping, information processed analyzed and presented for your decision making!

Credit Unions

We provide Backend Financials solutions that drive Credit Unions Growth. Fund your Deals, we provide the Backend

About NISO

With more than three decades of extensive Management, Finance and Technology experience, we have developed a sharp eye on how we can help our customers retool for a strategically focused organization.Our experience in both Corporate and Small Business sectors, together with our Technology and Innovation skills, allows us to integrate software and procedures specifically tailored to your needs. 

Ultimately, this results in our ability to provide an Outsourced Finance Department that will seamlessly integrate your company’s operational characteristics with the critical information needs of you or your management team to make appropriate decisions, not only for the day to day but also for the Strategic planning.

Our goal is provide our customers with a complete Outsourced Finance and Analytics departments,  tailored to your own budget and needs! We take care of your finances, so you can take care of your business.

NISO, Financials that make sense.

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