Unlock the Power of Consolidated Data in MCA Investing

Are you an investor in the MCA industry struggling to evaluate the performance of your investments? Do you find it difficult to compare apples to apples when each MCA reports data differently? We put together the best consolidated picture with and unbiased perspective, so you can make the best investment choices!


Take Investment Decisions Based on Data

Alternative lending is not a blind-eyed Investment anymore.

What are some of the insights you will get from this service?


Performance Perspectives

IRR, ROE, RFI and usual Performance Indicators.

Static Pools and Pacing

Equity at Risk indicators and Projections

Complete portfolio Return Performance.

Deal Profile and Statistical Information

Cash Flow Planning

What are the characteristics of your deals that you should take into account when planning for cash flow.

Improve Operational Procedures

What operational procedures could you tweak to improve?

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What do our Clients say about NISO?

"Our companies have been working with NISO for four years. We have been delighted with the professional work made by NISO; NISO is talented, ethical and timely. We enjoy our working relationship with NISO."
Randall C. Orley, President
ORCO Investments, Inc.

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