Fund your Deals,
We Provide the Backend.

We can help the Merchant Cash Advance Industry to retool for a strategically focused organization with technology driven decisions.

What we Do

From Participants to Originators and Servicing Entities, we know the best practices needed for a smooth execution. 




Bookkeeping for Fund Managers, Originators, Brokers and Participants. Interim Financials provided.


Treasury Activities

Controller for Treasury activities. External, unbiased.


Portfolio Visibility

Complete portfolio visibility, with static pools, performance indicators and all usual metrics, updated daily, available 24x7, tailored to your specific role and requisites

Who we Serve?


Track your Portfolio. Daily Status reporting, normalized across multiple platforms. Cash flow monitoring, portfolio modelling, interim financials.

Originator / Platform

From Bookkeeping and interim financials to ISO handling and reporting. Participants reporting. Daily Funding and remittances summary to every stakeholder.

Servicing Entity

Tracking of Participant fundings and remittances. Brokers and ISO´s tracking and Controller function over cash transactions and Cash Flow Management. Extensive Communications capabilities to stakeholders via email and text.

Boost MCA Industry Operations and Access Uniform Performance Data.

Not having a deep control of your organization is costing you money. Make objective financial decisions together with an outsider controller and keep track of your portfolio.

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If you are a Participant, MCA or a Service Entity, learn how we can help you to grow and retool for success.

What do our Clients say about NISO?

"Our companies have been working with NISO for four years. We have been delighted with the professional work made by NISO; NISO is talented, ethical and timely. We enjoy our working relationship with NISO."
Randall C. Orley, President
ORCO Investments, Inc.