MCA Analytics App

NISO Business Analytics Services, proudly introduces our latest offering: MCA Analytics App. Proven Suite transforming Merchant Cash Advance Decision Making. Fund smarter, and Fund with confidence with MCA Analytics App

 Designed and Supported with 12 years of experience in the industry, this is the ultimate tool to dive deep into your portfolio

Analytics, Business Intelligence, Financials
minus the Overhead!

Definitive Decision Making Suite for your MCA Business


Portfolio Analysis

Beyond numbers and nice charts, get actionable information.

Payment Metrics

In-Depth Portfolio characterization for accurate analysis and forecasting.

Welcome to Intelligent Merchant Cash Advances

In depth analytical capabilities

With passion for data handling and Analysis, MCA Business Analytics App excels at producing accurate information for decision Making.

Data Consolidation from Different Funders

The systems-Agnostic App is designed to provide best in class Analytics of your portfolio.

Deep Granularity of Information

From the transaction Level - Detail, to summary dashboards for the C-Suite, display it all.

Portfolio-wide stress at individual MCA Level

Standard and Tailored views, in one-stop shop.

NISO MCA Analytics App Developed for


A suite of Services to track your portfolio across all of your Funders, keep your book in order, and more.

MCA originators

Multi-Variable analysis to hone in your ability to pick winners over losers.

Underwriters, Brokers

Unified view across of your deals, across all platforms.

Multi Platforms and Integrable with every CRM

NISO MCA Analytics Suite enables Seamless Integration with your CRM, spreadsheets, and any source of information




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