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2 Reasons why your MCA (urgently) needs Business Intelligence and Analytics (BAI)

Most aspects of life are currently experiencing a complete digital transformation; MCA Businesses are no stranger to this trend: We are constantly gathering vast amounts of data, making decisions fast, and considering as much information as possible into the mix.

Speed is essential to be ahead of the competition; thus, it is crucial to rely on technology as a competitive advantage.

The best way to make decisions is to have adequate and timely information from all across business operations in an agile and fast manner. Business Analytics is the most efficient way to achieve this goal, which is why you need to implement Business Intelligence and Analytics as soon as possible within your organization.

Lots of data, little information

Our day-to-day has significantly changed, and we must be aware of these new trends to survive these environmental conditions. We frequently search the internet for information in hopes of learning about new topics, and when reading and informing ourselves about them, it makes us feel that we are specialists. We then make decisions from all this data – good or bad -.

This behavior also happens in the MCA industry today: there is a lot of data, but little information and knowledge, which means that correct decisions are not always made, and they are not even made at the right time.

The data by itself is useless; not only must we mine it and look for hidden patterns that might contribute to effective decision-making, but we need to do it fast; to do this, we need Business Analytics. This approach – which involves skills, experience, and technological tools- helps us extract all the relevant information in a given period from various data sources, a process that complies with different business rules and delivers refined information for decision making.

A BAI project has a fundamental objective: to provide the Business with a tool that is the most suitable for making strategic decisions on time. This information can become unusable if a report is not promptly made available. BAI helps us to improve the fast processing capacity of massive data. 

Acting proactively and not reactively is the key for an organization to be successful.

Understanding data to make better decisions

With the use of the advanced statistical tools and armed with the proper skill sets is possible to deep dive in your data to improve several processes such as:

  • Productivity
  • Automate processes
  • Pick better deals and reduce risk
  • Prompt dissemination of information available

With over twelve years in the MCA industry and knowledge integrated from IT specialists, Process Engineers, and Business Analysts, we have developed our systems and business analysis models to accurately and efficiently serve you.

At NISO, we offer multiple solutions to consolidate all the different data in a meaningful way while maintaining your bookkeeping and communicating promptly with stakeholders. 

We have also developed models to help you minimize risk and choose better deals, faster.


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