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In 2022, the MCA industry arrives with many events, news, and exciting things to watch. Read the following post to know what’s happening in the industry!

Miami and Merchant Cash Advance Industry

A few months ago, we published a post asking ourselves whether  Miami could be the future paradise for MCA and Alternative Loans.  

After a few months, the picture has become more evident, and the answer is:


 What are our foundations? 

1.Booming economy 

About 900 people migrate to Florida every day, residing in the tri-county area. Following  the Covid-19 outbreak, which generated an evident real estate and economic boom in Florida, people from different states are moving and setting up their companies in Miami.

This, added to some restrictions and obstacles that the MCA industry has experienced in New York, resulted in a growing trend of  small businesses and alternative lenders sitting  in Miami and its surrounding areas.

2. Governor Rick Scot statements

Governor Rick Scott was clear in  his opinion on alternative lending.

“We definitely want to make sure that small business merchants and lenders are able to capitalize small businesses in our community. Miami is a very thriving small business community… one of the things that people have criticized us for is we don’t have those big massive companies. We’re actually built on small businesses. So for us, having fluidity of capital, liquidity of capital and access to capital are enormous things in terms of scaling.” 

 3. deBanked CONNECT – Miami Event on 2 March

The famous portal “deBanked”, one of the most recognized in alternative lending, has brought its annual half-day deBanked CONNECT event back to Miami to be held on 2 March. For the first time, this event will be placed in Downtown Miami at the JW Marriott Marquis. 

 4. Growing Fintech Companies 

 Fintech companies focused on alternative lending  are growing very fast and offering new services to participants, ISOs Investing and Syndicating in Deals. An example of these companies is NISO –a Miami-based Fintech.

From a wide variety of Business Analysis Models, performance analysis, multiple data flow integration and portfolio modeling, they help MCA stakeholders to mitigate risks and invest wisely in this new competitive landscape.

Other News 

  • New “Spanglish” MCA and Alternative Lending Podcast

Latin Financial launched the first ‘Spanglish’ podcast for funders, lenders, merchants:

“We are doing one episode per week” said Alvelo to deBanked Portal. “We’re going to add guests; they are already asking me to attend, and lenders. I will say it over and over again, certainly in Spanish and English. “Latin Financial has discovered a niche in the corporate communications space.” Audiences can hear in Spanish what we’re doing to help business owners in the US and Puerto Rico. It’s a new way to stay informed about financial industry updates, all in two languages. ​​ 

  • Welcome DoorDash to Cash Advance Sellers: DoorDash Capital started in Merchant Cash Advance

DoorDash Capital started providing its partners with “quick and convenient financing”, and to help them gain access to additional partners, they have joined  Parafin –a business financing provider.

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