Understanding Multivariable Analysis and its Importance in Underwriting

Understanding Multivariable Analysis and its Importance in Underwriting

As an underwriter, it is essential to consider multiple variables and their interactions to make successful decisions.. Multivariable analysis is a powerful tool that enables us to do just that. At NISO, we recognize the importance of a multivariable approach to effective underwriting.

We have developed advanced machine learning models that analyze a range of factors, including- but not limited to – credit score, time in business, industry, Fico, Bank balances…you name it!. This analysis enables us to identify patterns and correlations that would be impossible to discern through single-variable or even pass- through type of analyses. By considering multiple variable simultaneously and its possible combinations, we can provide you with a score that gives you a range of probabilities of default, empowering you to make informed decisions about which deals to pursue and which to avoid.

We also offer advanced statistical analysis techniques such as relative pacing and forecasting. Our proprietary formulation of pacing allows us to identify potential defaults and poor-performing deals early on, giving you the opportunity to take proactive steps to mitigate risk and avoid funding deals that might repeat a bad experience. Our forecasting techniques provide you with accurate projections of portfolio performance, enabling you to plan and strategize with confidence.

By leveraging multivariable analysis and advanced statistical techniques, we can help you achieve better results and make informed decisions about your portfolio. At NISO, we are committed to providing you with the tools and expertise you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how our underwriting services can benefit your business.

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