5 Benefits of Outsourcing Controller Services in the MCA Industry

In today’s changing world, staying one step ahead of the game is just the difference between failure and success. In this context, outsourcing controller services in the MCA Industry has emerged to provide businesses with solutions meeting their budget needs and specific industry demands.

This article will explore some of the benefits you will enjoy by outsourcing your accounts management and financing department activities to a third party in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry.

1. Prioritize company growth by reducing interruptions

MCA Business leaders should focus on commercial efforts, such as finding ways to differentiate their businesses from competitors, getting more deals, improving customer experience, and networking. If they also try to deal with their backend activities simultaneously, much of the time they could have spent on core issues would have been wasted, affecting their long-term success.  

Bookkeeping and Controller activities are such time-consuming tasks. If you are investing too much time in those, although vital, go against your commercial efforts. So, outsourcing your accounts management and finance department activities to a knowledgeable third party could be a good decision. Trusting these duties to an outsourced partner will let you focus on your MCA core activities. An added value is that you will have an unbiased controller to oversee treasury activities and proper analysis of your data. 

This way, a necessary cost center can become a value-adding center to your company.

2. Getting a full-scale service of an entire in-house finance department at a fraction of the price

Let’s take a look at the usual numbers needed for building an in-house finance department for your MCA Operation.

CFO: 150,000
Admin. 1: 50,000
Admin. 2: 35,000
Admin. 3: 35,000
Total: 270,000

Signing up for MCA Financial Specialist Services instead of building an in-house department may save you not only budget-wise but also avoid learning curves and the aches of administering more personnel. Most importantly, as the company grows and develops, an experienced team will support your efforts and develop the best strategies to have the information needed at hand:

  • Many current manual activities will get automated and less error-prone
  • The company’s unique needs will be addressed, and
  • Best processes will be determined for the company’s internal and external clients.

When a company has an administrator in charge of bookkeeping but doesn’t have a CFO, its reporting structure might not be sufficient for the level it needs. Data, analytics, and metrics are essential to driving company growth and bringing better decisions to enhance the company. Furthermore, it also allows owners and CEOs to understand what is going on with the business, where it stands financially, and the pain points to consider when growing.

3. Access to Expert Handling and Technology

Outsourcing organizations will allocate their trained staff to work on your financial and operational data. An MCA specialist company will have a team of professionals for this process. Technology is also making a massive impact on the MCA business. Companies are not always aware of the latest applications that best suit their business needs. In such a case, outsourcing leverages your company’s growth since an experienced MCA Financial Outsourcing Company has already been applying cutting-edge technologies jointly with its professional expertise.

4. Economic Protection in Difficult Times

As economic situations fluctuate, organizations tend to change their workforce, which can be challenging and resource-intensive. However, you can lessen or eliminate your burden by outsourcing your bookkeeping and controller activities. This way, external service providers will help you in difficult times.

5. Executing operations with reliability

CEOs usually have to make business decisions fast; even though their gut feelings mixed with experience provide a good starting point, contrasting that view with a team that pieced the data together, with solid controller management guidance, will allow them to implement their strategic business decisions better.

To execute with confidence, you need to visualize the accurate financial picture, including:

  • Complete portfolio visibility and performance analysis with static pools, pacing, asset turnover, cash velocity, among others.
  • Overview of treasury activities.
  • Coherence and traceability between transactions, KPI’s and financials.

Final Conclusions

With improved cash flow management, reporting, and analysis, your MCA company can minimize risks and build a long-term growth strategy for the future. It also gives you a complete picture of your company’s performance and the possibility to zoom in on any detail. It can also help you iron out the pain points, improve your communication with stakeholders and produce value for other parts of your organization.

The NISO model provides companies the opportunity to get financial reports in a unified and easy-to-read form, clearly showing their opportunities and challenges ahead. You will promptly: 

  • Understand your current financial picture and cash flow,
  • Track your deals performance and profitability,
  • Demonstrate performance to participants,
  • Detect Treasury and Operational errors,
  • Improve business forecasting and predictions, and
  • Make confident business strategic decisions, among others.

For all these reasons, the time has come to rethink the structure and areas of MCA companies.


At NISO, we are aware of the changing landscape of the MCA services industry, and we know how to support and make your organization’s challenge of growing real


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