NISO Reporting for MCA Industry

As an MCA Participant, Servicing Entity, Originator, or ISO, you might be dealing with daily tracking of cash movements, payments, commissions, and fundings. 

No matter your structure, you need to develop smooth controller activities and excellent communications with your stakeholders. 

Let’s see how NISO can help you achieve a smooth operation.

For Merchant Cash Advance Originator/Platforms

Do you want to keep or increase your participant base to grow your volume? Do you want to work with trustworthy ISOs and brokers?

Then, you need to report daily events in a clear and transparent format efficiently. We can help you keep all players informed and make smart financial decisions on your business. 

Let’s take a look at some of our reports to see how we can make it.

Participant Remittance Report

This Report is as important for the Participant as for the MCA to keep his founders up-to-date on their investments. It details a specific Participant’s remittances for the fundings they participate in. The MCA issues this Report for its Participants.

Daily Fundings Summary

This is an internal report for the MCA showing a breakdown of the total funding amounts by Participant on a daily basis. The MCA will have a summary of the “funding event” behavior

These are just some examples of reports for MCAs, and not only do they help to maintain daily communications, but to provide for the Originator and its cash cycle proper organization. 

Let’s see now what solutions we can offer to Participants:

For Participants

Are you a founder and are you investing in several MCAs at the same time

Do you have to log into each MCA portal to find out how your money is making? 

What are the fundings of the day? Would you like to have that information centralized?

We offer the perfect combination of technological tools and experts in the field to provide you with accurate information and non-stress business peace of mind.

Portfolio Performance

  • Complete portfolio visibility w/static pools, metrics, pacing, etc.
  • Overview of treasury activities.
  • Coherence and traceability between transactions, KPI’s and financials.

Daily Fundings Report

The following report shows, for a specific Participant, a summary of what transpired in the day, together with a longer view on it’s portfolio . The MCA or the  Servicing Entity  issues this Report for its Participants to leverage communication.

These reports are just some of the ones NISO can offer you to communicate with your parties and within your company. We also know that every organization is different, so we can tailor other reports as needed. 

Do you need something different?

Do you want to talk with us and find out how we can help?

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Having a solid reporting structure and smooth controller activities will make a difference in your business. You can fund more deals, retain more of your top ISO and sales people and show a greater return on your investment at a faster rate.  

Talk to us to find out how we can help you:

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