MCA Industry Booming in 2022 – Riding the growth wave: 4 essential points

As COVID is over, 2022 is expected to be an excellent year for the Alternative Lending Industry. 

What are the important pillars you need to focus on in 2022 to ride the growth wave in MCA alternative lending? 

1. Getting quality Leads and Converting them into customers

The process of getting Leads involves different initiatives to get in the count. The first step is having skilled and trustworthy ISOs, Brokers, and a Sales team hunting for better leads. But that is just the starting point since once you have the leads, you need to convert them into Closed Deals. In the process, you need to know what happens with these leads and how they evolve across the Sales Funnel until they convert: and at this point, a good CRM turns to be the Key.

In 2021, the lack of a CRM to handle these sales processes is almost unthinkable: a good CRM gives your organization the possibility of keeping track of the sales process.

When choosing the right CRM for you, you can opt among some of the most well-known, such as HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, or go for a CRM customized for the MCA Industry. The second option is the best since the Alternative Lending MCA Industry is different from any other industry. It might be better to choose a CRM developed for Industry Standards.

2. Having the capital to fund those deals

Now that you have the deal flow growing and controlled with the help of your CRM,  it also means that you have an increasing need for capital to fill those conversions of your sales pipeline.

Congratulations! Now you are growing! Is crucial then to be attractive to capital.


How do we do this? 

One of the critical aspects is Communication with your participants. Originators must keep accurate and valuable information at hand and promptly share with participants, for starters, your static pools behavior, along with metrics about Profitability and Pacing of deals. 

Although a good flow of information with participants is key, of course, it all starts with proper underwriting and we will discuss that later.

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communicate with your brokers, keep them informed of their deal flow in your sales funnel, their progression, commissions they are making through you, etc.

Communicate with your stakeholders, define what they need to know and how frequent, and keep that communications channel consistent.

4. Understanding your Portfolio performance and performance drivers is key.

To have a deep understanding of the effects of your deal selections, you need proper Business Intelligence and Business analysis


Understanding how your deal selection influences the performance of your portfolio of deals is essential; how data points such as credit score, time in Business, and other underwriting factors work and how these are fine-tuned to achieve your goals. 

While in this discovery process, you may also find venues for operational improvement for your company; these will make you leaner and more efficient in achieving your goals.


And this is a circular process of constant tuning, analyzing, and repeating.


In 2022, it will be essential to:

  • Rely on having star trustworthy brokers and ISOs, handling them in a CRM or MCA software to get deals;

  • Keep consistent performance, be good to Capital!

  • Report to Participants, ISOs and Brokers. Information is always welcomed. Everyone needs to make proper decisions

  • Use Business Intelligence Tools to understand the Profitability of your Portfolio and take advantage of insights to improve steps 1 to 3 above

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