c3i military and mca industry

Where does C³I come from? Why is it used in The Military, and is there a parallel in The MCA world?

A widely used acronym in the Military is “C³I,” and it stands for “Command Control Communications and Intelligence”. It summarizes concepts needed to exercise authority to achieve the mission required.

When there is a disaster, Emergency Responders and the Police usually establish a “Command Center”.

The reason for both examples is simple: to make good decisions and succeed, you need to analyze the information at hand systematically, you need to be able to communicate with stakeholders efficiently and promptly; and to achieve that, you need to gather and analyze data, have reliable systems, and operate them properly.

In the MCA industry, you have a lot of data to work for you and make you more prosperous. From analyzing your underwriting success to understand merchants’ payment patterns and the quality of leads provided to you, there is always a possibility of improving your portfolio performance and making appropriate decisions.

To support your operation, you start by having a good CRM, which probably will satisfy most of your needs; but as you scale up, you will spend a lot of time, energy, and effort tweaking it to accompany your growth. And in many instances, you will want a different perspective, an extra report, an extra piece of data; In those instances, a system is not enough. You need trained people, and you need experience behind you.

In those instances, call Niso.

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